Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A user of my Astro Reincarnation Report for asked recently:

"It isn't often that I purchase reports and charts; but because I have been trying to understand what might be past life issues affecting the present, I purchased your Reincarnation Astrology Report at, and I must say--I am impressed.

Chapters in history in which I am the least interested were a zero in my chart; on the other hand--I have always been most interested in the Victorian/Turn of the Century era (eg., Modern Art makes me very happy). So you can imagine how surprised I was to see in my report that from February 1797 through April 1892, I have six significant dates, the latter being the last significant date in my chart. My question is: Does this indicate that I had many short lifetimes between 1797 and 1892?"

My answer is:

"When a number of planets are conjunct it might be that they are short lifetimes, although it could be something Steiner in particular writes about, that simultaneous lifetimes can overlap. He even mentions it in the context of “soul mates” or groups that incarnate together through history. See “We Are One Another: A Record of Group Reincarnation” by Arthur Guirdham. Oprah’s has a similar issue with Venus (usually feminine) and the Sun (usually father figure) conjunct, which brings their archetypes together in her life too as well as in history when it might have been an idealist man loving a radical young during the American Civil War."

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